Whole Plant Expo features conference tracks curated for our key audiences: patients and caregivers, medical professionals, cannabinoid researchers, businesses serving the medical cannabis and wellness hemp markets, and industry professionals.

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Patients & Caregivers

Keynote Session Announced

Marvin Washington

Isodiol International

Navigating the System: a Story (or Two) of Empowerment

Dr. Deanna Byck, ScD – Director of Global Engagement, Santa Fe Farms

Anatomy of a Cannabis Nurse

Janna Champagne, RN – Cannabis Nurse, Integrated Holistic Care

Living the Dream – How to Succeed as a Patient

Sarah Clark – Director, Delta Eight Pharms

Endocannabinoid System 101

Jamie Hadfield, RN – CEO, Legends Health Wellness and Performance

Cannabis Saved My Life After Suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury

Nikki Lawley – Patient Cannabis Advocate

Cannabinoids for Sexual Health and Fun

PANEL MODERATOR: Chris Lee, MD – CEO, The Healing Co.


Kim Koehler
Privy Peach

Trista Okel
Founder & CEO
Empower BodyCare

Cyo Nystrom

How to Select the Right Cannabis Therapy and Medicine

Craig Leivent, PharmD – Pharmacist, Invictus

Interpening: Cannabis Like Wine, The New Frontier of Cannabis Forward Thinking and Commerce

Max Montrose – President, Trichome Institute

Veterinary Insights on Cannabinoids for Pets


Cannabis is Food – A Look at the Nutritional Value and Applications

Rob Streisfeld, NMD – Director, Doc Rob

Cannabinoid Medicine: A Physician’s Perspective

James Taylor, MD – CEO, ritualx

FOLLOWED BY: That First Conversation: Discussing Medical Cannabis With Your Health Care Provider

Elisabeth Mack, RN
Founder & CEO
Holistic Caring

James Taylor, MD

Medical Professionals

Keynote Session Announced

Janice Knox, MD

CEO and Co-Founder
American Cannabinoid Clinics

Medical Cannabis: The Scientific Evidence

Sandra Carrillo, MD – President, Colombian Medical Association of Medical Cannabis Practitioners

A Cannabis Compass for the Cancer Journey

Penny Daugherty,RN, MS, OCN, ONN-CG – Oncology Nurse Navigator, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute (NHCI)

Preparing for Cannabis Medical Malpractice

Brad Hunt – COO, PRA Global

The Science Behind Hemp and CBD for Beauty and Skin Disorders

Jeanette Jacknin, MD – President, Dr. Jacknin’s Skincare

Cannabidiol (CBD) for the Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathic Pain

Debra Kimless, MD – Chief Medical Officer, Pure Green Pharmaceuticals

Appetite & Weight Management: The Impact of the Endocannabinoid System & Cannabis

Laura Lagano – Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, Laura Lagano Wellness

That First Conversation: Discussing Medical Cannabis With Your Patient

Elisabeth Mack, RN – Founder & CEO, Holistic Caring
FOLLOWED BY: That First Conversation: Discussing Medical Cannabis With Your Health Care Provider

Elisabeth Mack, RN
Founder & CEO
Holistic Caring

James Taylor, MD

A Revolution in Healthcare

Nurse Heather Manus, RN – CEO, Cannabis Nurses Network

History and Current Use of Cannabis from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

Harry McIlroy, MD – Physician, BioReset Medical

Guidelines to Recommending Medical Cannabinoids

Rachna Patel, DO – CEO, DocPatels

Cannabis Protocols and the Need to Obtain Subjective Assessments to Determine Efficacy of Medication

Elaine Richer, RPh – CEO, MyCureAll

Cannabis Cultivation and Genetics: How and Why It is Critical to Medical Development

PANEL MODERATOR: Ethan Russo, MD – Founder and CEO, CReDO Science


Colleen Buyers
Breeder’s Best

Dale Hunt, PhD
Breeder’s Best

Mojave Richmond
Horticulture and Cultivation
Breeder’s Best

Nishi Whiteley
CReDO Science

Cannabinoid Researchers

Keynote Session Announced

Adie Rae, PhD

Smart Cannabis

Decoding Core Microbiome is Essential for Organic Cannabis Production

Bulbul Ahmed, PhD – Researcher, Plant Biology Research Institute of the University of Montreal

Cannabis Derived Compounds in Chronic Pain: Focus on Newly Discovered Compounds

Livio Luongo, PhD – Professor, Università della Campania L. Vanvitelli

Advanced Topics in Cannabis Analysis

Dr. Anthony Macherone, PhD – Sr. Scientist and Cannabis Application Lead, Agilent Technologies
& Visiting Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Genomics and Cannabinoids: Endocompatibility is Possible

Len May – CEO, Endocanna Health, Inc.

Effects of Cannabidiol in Neuropsychiatric Disorders: Focus on Schizophrenia

Vincenzo Micale, MD, PhD – Professor, University of Catania

Collaborative Research for Fundamental Insight into Cannabis Production

Markus Roggen, PhD – CEO, Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures, Ltd.

Diversity in the Cannabis Genome and in the Cannabinoid Genes

Daniela Vergara, PhD – Research Associate, University of Colorado at Boulder

Cannabis Formulation Applications to Improve In Vivo Study Outcomes

Monica Vialpando, PhD – Founder and CEO, Via Innovations

Data Collection For Assessing Patient Outcomes and Product Formulation

PANEL MODERATOR: Charles Warner – Editor in Chief, Cannabis & Tech Today

Julie Armstrong
Aurelius Data Inc.

Tyler Dautrich
Releaf App

Elaine Richer, RPh

Otha Smith III
Managing Member


Keynote Session Announced

Mara Gordon

Aunt Zelda’s and Zelira Therapeutics

Hemp Growth Markets Beyond CBD

Keith Bisogno – Managing Partner, CERESLabs

Bioavailability and Efficacy of Marketplace Cannabinoid Delivery Methods

Keith Butler – CEO, OP Innovates

Sustainable Cannabis: For Personal & Planetary Health

Todd Dalotto – President, CAN! Research, Education & Consulting

An Inside Look into the Struggles and Opportunities of Brazil’s Cannabis Industry

Caroline Heinz – CEO, HempMeds

An Inside Look into the Struggles and Opportunities of Mexico’s Cannabis Industry

Raul Elizalde – Co-CEO, HempMeds

Social Consciousness Key for Cannabis Businesses

Narmin Jarrous – EVP of Business Development and Director of Social Equity, Exclusive Brands

Rewards and Pitfalls of Investing in Cannabis

Kim Kovacs – CEO, The Arcview Group

Branding Considerations in Medical Cannabis and Wellness Hemp

Jared Mirsky – CEO & Founder, Wick & Mortar

Understanding the Latin America Medical Cannabis Market

Carol Ortega – Founder & CEO, Muisca Capital Group

Creating Capacity!

Barbara Paley – Founder, Balco Partners

Brand Licensing: Top 10 Tip and Tricks

Jamie Pearson – CEO, Bhang Corporation

A Comprehensive Literature Review of Cannabis and the Workplace

Liz Rogan – Executive Director, American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine

Winning The Cannabis Consumer in the Brave New World of Big Data

Nima Veiseh – Data Strategy & Innovation, Eaze

Doing Business in a Post-Covid19 World From a Distance

Jordan Zoot – Managing Director & CEO, aBIZinaBOX Inc.


Keynote Session Announced

Joshua Crossney

President, CEO and Founder
Cannabis Science Conference

Transitioning from Medical to Adult-Use: Policy and Market Implications

PANEL MODERATOR: Angela Bacca – Freelance Journalist


Axel Bernabe
Asst. Counsel to the Governor
State of New York

Andrew Freedman
Senior Vice President
Forbes Tate Partners

Rachel Knox, MD
Oregon Cannabis Commission

Cat Packer
Executive Director & GM
Dept. of Cannabis Regulation
City of Los Angeles

The Future of Medical Cannabis and Fungi Tourisum Resorts

Keiko Beatie – Director of Education, The Future of Medical Cannabis and Fungi Tourism Resorts

Cannabis Health Equity

Rachel Knox, MD – President and Co-Founder, Cannabis Health Equity Movement

Establishing a Thriving Medical Cannabis Market

Senator Daylin Leach – State Senator, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Cannabis and the United States Pharmacopeia

PANEL MODERATOR: Nandakumara Sarma, PhD
Director, Dietary Supplements and Herbal Medicines, U. S. Pharmacopeia


Holly Johnson, PhD
Chief Science Officer
American Herbal Products Association

Ikhlas Khan, PhD
National Center for Natural Products Research at University of Mississippi

Robin Marles, PhD
Chair, U. S. Pharmacopeia Botanical Dietary Supplements & Herbal Medicines Expert Cmte.

Ethan Russo, MD
CreDO Science

Science and Economics of Cannabis


June Chin, DO
Integrative Cannabis Physician

Jeanne Sullivan
General Partner
The Arcview Group

Israeli Medical Cannabis R&D, Technology and Innovation

PANEL MODERATOR: Narkis Tessler – CEO, TeraCann

Psychedelics 101: A New Industry Follows in the Footsteps of Medical Cannabis

Stuart Titus, PhD – CEO, Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Official Peer-Reviewed Content of Whole Plant Expo

Keynote Session Announced

Jahan Marcu, PhD

American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine

Positive Autism Intervention With Cannabidiol: A Case Study Follow-Up

Janet Benton-Gaillard – Director of Research and Development, 101CBD

Athlete Health and Performance Utilizing Cannabis and Psychedelics

Former NFL Defensive Lineman


Riley Cote
Former NHL “Enforcer”
Founder, BodyChek Wellness

Michael Hart, MD
Medical Director
Readytogo Medical Clinic

Anna Symonds
USA Rugby National Champion
Director of Education
East Fork Cultivars

Introduction to Partnerships Advancing Cannabis Research

Kimberly Binsfeld – Director of Research, The Lambert Center for the Study of Medical Cannabis and Hemp

Partnerships Advancing Cannabis Research

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Temple University


Ajay Nayak, PhD
Center for Translational Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University

Sang Hyuck Park, PhD
ICR Senior Scientist
Colorado State University

Andrew Peterson, PharmD, PhD, FCPP
Executive Director, Substance Use Disorders Institute
University of the Sciences

Anna Valent
Executive Director
Athletes for Care

The Canadian Medical Cannabis Landscape

Lindsay Gayman – President, EndoSmart Canada


David Boctor, MD
Chief Clinical Officer
EndoSmart Canada

Sean Hayes
VP of Operations & Education
EndoSmart Canada

Regulatory Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

Tony Martinez – Sr. Vice President & General Manager, AuditPRO

Official Peer-Reviewed Content of Whole Plant Expo

The WPA4A Conference
on Cannabinoids and Autism

Keynote Session Announced

Bonni Goldstein, MD

Medical Director
Canna-Centers Wellness & Education

Cannabis Therapy at School


Jana Adams
Parent and Patient Advocate

Joan Edelstein
Professor of Nursing
California State University Sacramento

Positive Autism Intervention With Cannabidiol: A Case Study Follow-Up

Janet Benton-Gaillard – Director of Research and Development, 101CBD

The Need for Cannabis-Inclusive Autism Care Resources

Janna Champagne, RN – Cannabis Nurse, Integrated Holistic Care

Cannabidiol and Child Protective Services

Bridget Dandaraw-Seritt – Co-Founder, Canna-Patient Resource Connection

The Holistic Attitude in Cannabis Therapy for Autism

Abigail Dar – Founder, Cannafora – Cannabis for Autism Treatment Center

The 3 A’s of Autism: Anxiety, Aggression, and Attention Deficit Disorder

Jerrold Kartzinel, MD – Pediatrician, Kartzinel Wellness Center

Cannabinoid Therapies for Epilepsy

Ray Mirzabegian – Founder, CW California Inc.

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