Frequently Asked Questions

When is Whole Plant Expo?

Whole Plant Expo – Fall 2020 is an online event that runs for two months. Registration opens on Thursday, October 1. The conference and expo will open on Monday, October 5 and run through Friday, December 4. A full schedule will be posted soon.

How does Whole Plant Expo work?

Whole Plant Expo is a multifaceted online event, with a conference, exhibition, networking opportunities, and other activities. It lasts two months to make sure you can see as much as you want to see, when it’s convenient for you to participate.

In the week before Whole Plant Expo, you will receive an email with your login link. That link will take you to a registration page to finish your conference registration, then you’ll be able to log into the event. You can leave and come back to Whole Plant Expo as often as you like before the end of the event on Friday, December 4.

Two months is a lot of time, why is it so long?

Whole Plant Expo aim to provide attendees with a comprehensive view of medical cannabis and hemp. For our industry professional attendees, that means looking at a particular topic and having the opportunity to learn about it from a medical, chemical, business and industry perspective. To see everything will require a lot of time in front of a screen. We want attendees to have the opportunity to see content they feel is important, and the extended time frame makes it easier and more convenient.

What content does my ticket let me see?

If you purchased a Patient & Caregiver ticket, you will get to see a conference track carefully curated to educate those exploring the use of cannabis for health and wellness for the first time, as well as more expert patients or caregivers wanting to learn more. Your ticket also gives you entry to the consumer products exhibit zone, the Nonprofits Pavilion, and select content of interest to patients and their caregivers appearing on a special conference track produced by the American Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine (AJEM).

The Industry Professional ticket is an all-access pass that also grants entry to the Medical Professionals, Researchers, Business, and Industry Professionals conferences tracks, the entire AJEM track, and all exhibit hall zones. It also grants you entry to industry networking events.

The WPA4A Conference on Cannabinoids and Autism is an add-on conference that requires a separate ticket in addition to your Whole Plant Expo ticket. Proceeds from the sales of these tickets go to Whole Plant Access for Autism. As the name suggestion, this conference is specific to the use of cannabinoid therapies with autistic patients, including patients, caregivers, medical professionals and the businesses serving this segment of the medical cannabis market.

Is all the content available on day one?

Whole Plant Expo is divided into four segments, each lasting two weeks. With each new segment, another roughly 20 hours of fresh content material will be introduced. Each twoweek segment will offer attendees different live activities, making coming back educational, fun and rewarding. 

Is Whole Plant Expo open at certain times, and is there a schedule?

Whole Plant Expo will be available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the week its opening on Monday, October 5 until it ends on Friday, December 4.

There will be a schedule for newly introduces conference sessions and panels. At the end of sessions offered on this schedule there may additional live components such as a question and answer session with the speaker, or a moderated video breakout discussion. But all content once introduced can also be view on-demand. Other live activities such as networking events will also be available on a schedule.

The digital exhibit hall with its seven zones, as well as the Nonprofits Pavilion, and other feature are open around the clock. If no one is staffing a booth when you visit, you can simply leave a message for the exhibitor or organization, and it will be delivered to them in real-time.

How often is access granted on your ticket? Is it use it or lose it?

You can enter Whole Plant Expo as many times as you want during the course of the event, from Monday, October 5 through Friday, December 4.

If you miss the speaker, do you lose that chance forever?

Whole Plant Expo is a two-month long event, divided into four segments each two-weeks long. With each new segment, Whole Plant Expo will update the conference schedule. At the end of some of these sessions will be live activities. Once introduced, all content is available on-demand through the end of the event, allowing you ample opportunity to see the sessions you want, when it’s convenient to see them. If you miss the live discussions, there is also a text-based discussion forum attached to every session, letting you be part of the conversation no matter when you see a session.

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